Winch Outs / Winching Services

Winch outs or winching services are one of the most common services requested by vehicle owners. Since we live along the Texas Coastline, Statewide Wrecker receives many phone calls for sand pulls, water pulls, and mud pulls.

The most popular winch out / winching services are the following:

1.Sand Pulls
2.Water pulls
3.Mud Pulls

So, what’s the difference between these 3 types of winch outs? Sand pulls can involve one, two, three or all four tires that have lost traction in the sand. Dry sand pulls do not involve water.

Water Pulls can best be described as vehicles where the water level has reached the inside of the car such as the floor board, the trunk or the motor. In these situations, time is of the essence. Tow companies must respond quickly and they must perform the winch out as quickly as possible in order to help salvage the vehicle.

A majority of the mud pulls usually take place during or after a rain when the rain turns the dry dirt turn into mud causing vehicles tires to lose traction on county roads, farmland, oil leases. Sometimes people simply hydroplane right off of the public roadway into a field, right of way or even onto their own front yard.

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