Smart phones & Google maps

SAFETY TIP: Learn how to use your smart phone and your maps app. Knowing how to use these tools can help YOU help US find YOU quickly. Can you imagine getting lost in the middle of the night out in the boonies? Can you imagine your car stalling out as you travel from one city to another or while traveling in the county roads where there are often no signs? Which mile marker are you near?

Nowadays, if you don’t know where you are, we can still find you quickly ifif – if you know how to utilize your smart phone and map app.

  1. Learn how to find your location (find the red or blue dot) and “Share My Location” with someone who can help, or
  2. Learn how to “Send My Location” to another cell number.

When you share your location with us, you are sending us your gps coordinates. As soon as we receive your gps coordinates, we’re on our way!

This is a game changer and a time saver. Drivers of all ages should learn how master these tools. In this day and age, why wouldn’t you?

Learn. Practice. Be prepared.

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